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Investment fund - details

Can I regularly receive interest or dividends from investments in mutual funds?

No, the payment of interest and dividends on investment certificates are not available (Art. 26, Law of Ukraine "On the ISI» № 2299-III by 15.03.01). The investor receives income only in the sale of investment certificates.

When will I receive the money owed to me from the sale of securities of the funds?

According to Article 44 of the Law of Ukraine "On the ISI," the period between the filing of a party to the application for redemption of investment certificates and the implementation of monetary settlements with them should not exceed 7 days.

How do I get the money on the sale of securities of the funds?

The money on the sale of investment certificates shall be credited to the investor's bank account specified in the application for sale of investment certificates or shares.

As further buy securities funds?

You just need to apply for acquisition. The questionnaire, a copy of the passport and the code in this case does not need to apply.

Why is the cost of certificates fell today, while the market grew yesterday?

To determine the net asset value of investment funds using the exchange rate of the securities. The exchange rate of the securities is calculated on the day of exchange trading in this security by calculating the weighted arithmetic mean of prices of stock exchange contracts (agreements) concluded in a trading day.

And, based market index is not used the exchange rate of the security and the price of securities at the end of trading on the stock exchange.

Thus, when the market is growing rapidly throughout the day, the price of the security at the end of trading on the stock exchange will be higher than the exchange rate (weighted average price), and when the market is falling rapidly throughout the day, the price of the security at the end of trading on Exchange will be lower than the exchange rate (weighted average price).

Accordingly, it is a small difference between the index of the stock exchange indices and investment funds.

Is it possible to send a request for the purchase of securities of funds, application and passport data by e-mail?


What occupies your purchase securities of the funds?

If you are already a client of our company, it is enough to call us and say, for what amount you want to buy the certificates and we will send you an application in electronic form. If you are not our client, you must first open an in Dragon Capital brokerage account (it takes 20-30 minutes), and already the next day it will be possible to apply for the certificate.

What should I do to buy securities of the funds?

This procedure can be found on our website this link.

What documents are required for the purchase of investment certificates or shares?

A list of these documents can be found on our website at this link.

  • Passport
  • Identification code
  • Bank details: certificate from the bank or a copy of the contract for opening an account.

If you are self-employed:

  • Extract with EDR

Who is the auditor of the investment funds under the management of LLC "AMC OZONE"?

"Register" LLC. Address: Str. Red Army, 27, of.15, Kiev. Mailing address: 01033, Str. Red Army, 27, of.15, Kiev. Certificate: AAP №0439 from 26.01.01.

Who is the Guardian of the investment funds under the management of LLC "AMC OZONE"?

PJSC "UkrSibbank". Location: Kharkov, avenue Moscow, 60 license Securities Commission: AE number 286557.

What is the minimum investment amount in the Fund? Which currency can I pay for the investment certificates?

The minimum amount of money that can be invested in our funds - UAH 1,000. Payment of shares and investment certificates in UAH.

For a minimum (maximum) period can invest?

Depending on the kind of investment strategy you choose, and, consequently, the type of fund money can be picked up every day, once a month or at the end of the term of the fund, respectively.

Investment fund - taxation

Is AMC investor tax agent - natural person?

No, the AMC is not a tax agent of the investor - an individual, but it is obliged to submit to the tax office information about all purchased from private individuals in the form of investment certificates 1-DF.

Who pays/withhold tax from the profit of the investor - an individual?

The responsibility for paying the tax lies with the investor. Asset Management Company is not a tax agent to an individual in paying his income from the sale of investment certificates operations. The annual payment made by the investor when submitting the annual declaration to the tax office at the place of residence - until April 1.

What taxes are levied on the investor?

This information can be found on our website this link.

Investment fund - general information

Who will get the money in the event of my death? Do I need to specify the investment certificates in the will?

In case of death, investment certificates as a security subject to inheritance along with other property of a natural person by will or in order of priority.

What happens if they are applied for repayment of all investment certificates?

All applications will be satisfied.

What happens to the fund assets if the asset management company went bankrupt?

The property investment fund is not the property of the asset management company and is not used for the payment of its debts and liabilities in bankruptcy. In case of bankruptcy or liquidation of the Asset Management Company, the Fund's management, under the decision of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market goes to AMC to time as long as the Fund's investors do not choose a new AMC.

What happens to the assets of the Fund if it cease to exist?

All property will be sold, and received from its sale funds will be distributed to fund investors.

What is the net asset value (NAV)?

Net asset value (NAV) - the difference between the value of property owned by the fund (assets), and the size of the fund obligations (liabilities). The cost of the fund's assets is calculated based on the current exchange quotation of financial assets that are included in the fund's portfolio.

How and When rasschytыvaetsya The cost of investment certificates?

The cost of investment certificates is calculated daily by dividing the value of the investment fund's net assets by the number of certificates sold.

Investment certificates of the fund give their owners the same rights?

Yes, all of the Fund's investors have equal rights.

Can I sell an investment certificate to a third party?

Yes, but this can only be done through a licensed broker. Participating broker must be in accordance with claim 9 Article 17 of Law of Ukraine "On securities and stock market» № 3480-IV of 23.02.2006.

Can I buy or sell a fractional number of investment certificates?

No, the investment certificate is indivisible security.

Is it possible to give investment certificates?

Yes it is possible. But as the investment certificate is a registered security, then the donation is necessary to ensure the replacement of the name of the certificate holder. This can be done with the help of a broker.

Is the investment certificate name, or it can issue bearer?

Investment certificate - a registered security, and it can not issue bearer.

What is an investment certificate?

The investment certificate (IC) is a registered security certifying the right of its owner to share in the assets of the mutual fund. Confirmation that the client was the owner of the IP is an excerpt from the EC and the EC Certificate of Registry (when the documentary form of issue of securities) or an extract from the account in securities (with book-entry form), where the number of the acquired IP specified.

What is the point of investing in a mutual fund of funds?

Buying a mutual fund certificates, the investor becomes the owner of the Fund's assets on an equal footing with the rest of the Fund's investors. The growth of the exchange rates on the Fund's assets leads to an increase in the value of the Fund's total portfolio, and therefore to an increase in the price of the certificate. And the difference between the purchase price of the certificate and its current value and is income from the investment of funds in the mutual fund.

What is a diversified mutual fund?

Diversified Fund, a fund that by investing in a large number of financial instruments distributes risks between both issuers and between classes of financial assets. In particular, in this PIF 40% of assets are invested in equities and 60% in fixed income instruments (corporate, municipal, government bonds and deposits). At the same time, on a single issuer not account for more than 5% of the Fund's assets.

What is the interval mutual fund?

Interval Mutual Fund - is such an investment fund whose securities are redeemed by the Fund only in strictly defined time periods (intervals).

What is a mutual fund (PIF)?

Mutual Fund - an institution of the joint (collective) investment, in which each investor owns a certain share in the total capital of the mutual fund. Ownership is directly dependent on the number of investment certificates owned by the investor. Asset Fund managed by the Asset Management Company (AMC), which puts them on the stock market in various securities (shares, bonds), so as to ensure the highest possible returns for fund investors.

Are mutual funds in this form in the west, or is our invention? In which countries, this system developed?

Industry funds exist more than one hundred years. Particular spread, she received in the US, Western Europe, Japan and Australia. In Russia, this industry is still young, but its development is proceeding very rapidly.

Whether assets of the Fund asset management company belongs to?

No. The property (assets) of the Fund is the property investment fund certificate holders, which they know to share property law.

Investment fund - features

Whether the minimum guaranteed return on investment in an investment fund?

No, according to the Regulations of the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market № 3 from 11.01.02 (st.8.1.18) Asset Management Company has the right to ensure the profitability of investments in investment funds.

How risky investment of money in the investment fund?

By investing in a mutual fund, you need to understand that, like any investment, it carries with it certain risks. Each of these risks, we have tried to minimize as much as possible: (1) Market risks. They are connected with the fact that the prices of financial instruments held by the Fund's portfolio can either grow or decrease in time. And to reduce these risks may only professional managers AMC. Today AMC Dragon Asset Management brought together a highly professional team of managers Asset Management, which consists of professionals with extensive experience in both the Ukrainian and international capital markets. (2) Risks of asset preservation. These risks are associated with the reliability of the keeper, who keeps his investment fund's assets. All the investment funds managed by AMC Dragon Asset Management, this risk is minimized as much as possible, because the custodian is ING Bank Ukraine, which today has the highest and reliable reputation in the market of Ukraine. (3) the veracity of information risks. These risks relate to the possibility of intentional misrepresentation. These risks are virtually non-existent in the light of quality and continuous monitoring of how the activities of each investment fund, and for the AMC as a whole by the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market (NKTSBFR).

Who manages the Mutual Fund, the decision makers of the securities transactions?

Decisions to invest mutual fund takes the asset management company under the control of AMC Ozone Guardian AT Ukrsibbank.

Which is better - to invest in a mutual fund or self-invest in the stock market?

If you are not a professional stock market, if you have limited free time - it is better to invest in a mutual fund. An investor buying a mutual fund investment certificates, transfers in trust funds professional manager - Asset Management Company (AMC), which is interested in the maximum increase in the value of investment certificates (IC). Having bought the IP, the investor gets the opportunity to make a profit with a minimum of time and of its own forces. Moreover, a much larger amount of funds managed by AMC, compared with the private investor funds allows AMC to invest funds on the most favorable conditions for its investors, and at a lower cost.

What are the advantages of the mutual fund as a form of investment?

The main advantage of the mutual fund is that investors, including collective investment in a relatively small means, takes full advantage of the professional management of the stock market. Even a small amount invested through a mutual fund will be diversified, that is, the fund's assets are not invested in one or a small number of securities, thereby reducing the risk. Other benefits include: - Maximum availability and transparency of information about the Fund's activities; - Tight control over the activities of the Foundation by public authorities; - Tax incentives (in accordance with tax legislation Mutual Fund does not pay income tax).

What is the difference of investment funds from the banks?

The bank depositor's income does not exceed the interest on deposits, regardless of how much profit will receive the bank itself. In the fund the investor receives all the income received by the Fund from the investment of the money invested.

The mutual fund is better deposit?

In the mutual fund before the deposit has several advantages: - Mutual Fund could potentially bring higher returns than bank deposit; - Funds invested in a mutual fund, you can pick up at any time and in any (including - partial) volume without loss of income for them, while the deposit, as a rule, penalties for early rupture of the deposit agreement.

Investment Fund - Regulation

Can a mutual fund to move without telling investors?

PIF can not move anywhere, because the PIF - this is just a property complex, ie, investment portfolio. Move may Asset Management Company. Its new location The company is obliged to inform the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market (NKTSBFR), guardian (AT Ukrsibbank), the State Tax Inspectorate and be sure to reflect this information on its website. Investors warn when this is not necessary. Therefore, in case of change of address of AMC can be found in any of these organizations or on the website.

Can the fund be invested in securities of foreign companies?

Under the current legislation - it is possible, but in practice this is difficult realizable due to the weak development of the depository system.

Can the fund be invested in derivatives (options and futures)?

No, this is prohibited by applicable law.

What are the laws governing the Fund? To whom mutual funds are responsible?

The main law regulating the activities of the funds, is the Law of Ukraine "On Joint Investment Institutions», № 2299-III from 15.03.2001. According to Article 33 of the Law of Ukraine "On the ISI," "... asset management company shall be liable for damages that were caused to the Fund by its actions (or inaction), according to the law and the terms of the contract. Asset Management Company shall reimburse the costs incurred by the Foundation, which carries out an open subscription for its securities, if during the year the net asset value of the Fund based on a Fund Certificate has decreased below its nominal value by more than 20% as a result of violation of an asset management company the rules of this law."

Asset Management Company

Agreeing in advance whether, in any securities invests Asset Management Company?

Yes, it is stipulated in the Investment Declaration. It can be found on our website in the relevant sections of the Platinum, Aurum and Argentum

Who else but the AMC, is involved in the asset management system of investment funds?

In addition to the Asset Management Company, Custodian and Auditor participate in the functioning of the system of investment funds. They are legal entities and have the necessary licenses. The keeper is responsible for the safety of funds, the auditor confirmed the financial statements of each of the investment fund and the AMC itself.

Should the asset management company to give any statements to investors? What?

Every day on our website is published by changing the yield and cost of funds of investment certificates. Also it is possible to find a report on investments and the balance of funds at each reporting date.

Who regulates the activity of Ozon Capital?

The Company's activities are regulated by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NCSSMC) and the National Commission, which regulates the financial services markets (National Financial Services Commission) and is carried out on the basis of:
-Licensesand for professional activity in the stock market - asset management activities of institutional investors (asset management activities), issued on the basis of the Decision of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission № 162 dated 16.02.2016., Validity - unlimited).
-Licensesand National Commission for State Regulation in the Field of Financial Services Markets for conducting activities on administration of non-state pension funds series АВ № 614853 of 25.06.2015, validity period - unlimited).

Who are the contractors of the company Ozon Capital?

Our counterparties are leading Ukrainian and transnational financial companies, including Raiffeisen Bank Aval, UkrSibbank (BNP Paribas Group) and Dragon Capital - the largest Ukrainian investment bank.

Who are the clients of OZON CAPITAL?

Our investment fund clients are individuals and legal entities who understand the long-term prospect of Ukrainian stock market growth and decide to diversify their savings by investing not only in deposits and real estate, but also in the stock market.

The clients of our pension fund are people who have realized that in the near future it is not necessary to rely on a state pension and have decided to take care of their prosperous future on their own and have entrusted us, as a reliable and time-tested partner, their savings.


Investment funds managed by our company, show consistently one of the best indicators of profitability and reliability Ukranine. For many years in the rating analysis teams, our team is recognized as one of the best in Ukraine.

What experience does the company OZON CAPITAL?

LLC "AMC OZONE" was created in 2006. Management Team Asset Management has over 10 years of experience in both the Ukrainian and international capital markets.

What services are offered by OZON CAPITAL?

"AMC OZONE" LLC provides asset management services to investment and pension funds, as well as the administration of private pension funds.

What has changed in connection with the re-branding?

In connection with the rebranding of the company has changed only the name and address. The company is now called the LLC "AMC OZONE", and the new address - Kiev 03150, st. Antonovich 60/16. This EDRPOU company code remains the same. The company also fully retained his entire team and product line.

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