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We and crisis

Much better than the market

  • Our funds have proved to be excellent in a crisis, as a result of a beating average market or index.
  • The lag from the market average in 2008 is due to two factors: a relatively small percentage of illiquid assets and the prevalence of "blue chips" in the portfolios of the funds.
  • The rate in the crisis in the liquid shares fully justified itself. Weak result in the crisis year was fully offset by a rapid growth in 2009-2010.
  • The best of all shown themselves interval funds. This is not surprising, given that their structure and liquidity ideal for our market.

Much better index

  • Funds "Aurum" and "Platinum" beat the index PFTS yield since the beginning of operations.
  • Before the crisis, the interval "Platinum" fund lagged behind the market, as part of the portfolio was invested in fixed income instruments, which greatly helped the fund during the crisis. The fund's post-crisis recovery and went faster pace.
  • "Aurum" mostly moved with the market, and even slightly better. The basis for the jump at the end of 2009 - beginning of 2010 became the "blue chips" and shares of the company "Motor Sich".

None of the funds Ozon Capital is not ranked in any problem situation. The Company fully complies with its obligations to investors.

No negative surprises!

  • The crisis, in addition to falling prices of investment certificates and shares of investment funds gave investors a host of other surprises.
  • The major types of problems were three: a temporary moratorium on the purchase of certificates; the extension of the fund for two years; and very slow revaluation of illiquid assets.
  • In spite of the absence of official statements on the third issue, it remains by far the most important. Even today in some funds have assets hardly overpriced since 2008.

What's the secret? Honesty!

  • The company has successfully walked all the stones is not easy, a year of crisis.
  • We has not entered into shady deals with any counterparty, and deliberately avoided additional risk for investors, preferring to keep the funds in the market of liquid assets.

Funds under management

Funds under management



59.95 uah.

-0.02 %


1 330 149 uah.

-0.01 %



433.09 uah.

-0.01 %


9 408 932 uah.

-0.01 %



54.38 uah.

+0 %


1 229 602 uah.

-0.01 %



4.96295 uah.

+0.41 %


19 882 828 uah.

+0.5 %

Value of indices

PFTS index


+0 %

UX іndex

1 522.84

+2.39 %

General SCHA stock

31 851 511 uah.

PIC and NAV on 30 September 2022 **

*PIC - Price Invest certificates, stocks, pension unit.

*NAV - Net Asset Value

**PIC and the NAV calculated at the end of the previous working day

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