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Risk management policies

Investing in any financial markets involves certain risks, which can not completely get rid of. Therefore, one of our key tasks as the asset manager is to manage and minimize these risks.

The main risk, which is inherent in investments in the stock market - the market, ie, the risk that the price of assets in our portfolio of assets will fall. To minimize this risk in our funds use diversification - investing in different issuers, representatives of different industries, different instruments, etc. Also, depending on the situation and regulatory restrictions on a particular investment fund we can to reduce the use of market risk hedging using futures and options, as well as "stop-loss" order.

When investing in securities with fixed income and deposits, as well as trade large blocks of securities, we assume the credit risk of the counterparty. This is the risk that a counterparty will not fulfill its obligations - does not pay for the purchased securities, will not return the deposit, not to pay the coupon, etc. We are very attentive to this risk assessment, carefully analyzing not only the financial condition of each such company, but also its reputation, the composition of the top management and owners. When trading with dubious counterparties necessarily require prepayment / predpostavku. The success and effectiveness of our approach to credit risk management of our funds are shown in a crisis, when none of our deposits are not "frozen" in troubled banks, did not have any problems with the portfolio of bonds, as well as there was no problem with the performance of contractors no any obligation to us.

It is also a significant risk is the risk of liquidity, ie the risk that the investment fund can not meet its obligations to redeem their certificates from investors funds. To minimize this risk, we invest only in liquid securities that can be sold in a limited time without significantly affecting the portfolio. Also, we constantly manage profiles redemptions of bonds and deposits, so that on the output intervals of funds accounted for the maximum liquidity. Success in managing the risk of our funds also demonstrated during the crisis, when no one fund that we manage and control, not even once did not delay (not to mention the termination) in the calculation of payments to investors.

In addition to the above three major risks in our work, we also consider and manage risks, and other activities such as interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk, regulatory risks, technological risks, etc.

Note: Cost Invest. certificates and shares of the Fund may increase or decrease. Dynamics of changes in the cost of invest. certificates and shares of the Fund in the past does not determine the dynamics of changes in the value of investment certificates and equity funds in the future. The Company does not guarantee the profitability of investments in mutual funds and corporate investment. The state does not guarantee the profitability of investments in mutual funds and corporate investment. Before you buy Invest. certificates or shares, you should carefully read the Rules of the Fund.

Funds under management

Funds under management



15.78 uah.

-72.8 %


350 066 uah.

-72.8 %



430.42 uah.

+0 %


9 350 878 uah.

+0 %



50.17 uah.

+0.4 %


1 134 563 uah.

+0.41 %



4.5667 uah.

+0.02 %


18 206 176 uah.

+0.04 %

Value of indices

PFTS index


+0 %

UX іndex

1 452.71

-1.39 %

General SCHA stock

29 041 683 uah.

PIC and NAV on 29 March 2023 **

*PIC - Price Invest certificates, stocks, pension unit.

*NAV - Net Asset Value

**PIC and the NAV calculated at the end of the previous working day

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