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Novice investors

The choice of investment fund for investment is not a very complicated process, but contains a lot of points that you need to pay attention to the novice investor. Omitting purely professional nuances of investment funds, we recommend that novice investors when choosing an object for investment to pay close attention to the following.

1. Investing money in a particular investment fund investor, in fact, trust in the management of their money a particular company and the people who directly manage the assets of the funds. Therefore, one of the most important criteria when selecting an object for investment is the choice of the Asset Management Company - AMC.

At the head of the company Ozone Capital are managers with extensive experience not only in the domestic but also in the international stock markets, and an impressive staff of highly professional analysts provide the necessary support to make the right investment decisions for the enhancement of investors' funds.

2. Once the choice is made by AMC, the investor must decide on the terms of the investment, ie, how much liquid should be investing. We recommend for medium-term investment to invest money in the open or interval mutual funds, for example interval PIF "Platinum». Securities that invest. Fund can be purchased at any time, and sell back to the 10 and 12 day of the first month of each quarter. For longer-term investments, there are closed-end investment funds, constituted for a fixed period of activity, after which to invest. Fund is closed and all the profit is divided proportionally among all investors - holders of the securities of such funds investifionnyh.

There is still a lot of additional criteria, such as historical returns, the commission when buying/selling, the percentage of reward AMC for the management, direction of investment fund assets, which also need to pay attention.

What is Investment Fund

INVESTMENT FUND - Collective Investment Institutions (CII) as a corporate investment fund (CIF) or a mutual investment fund (PIF), which conducts activities related to the raising of funds of investors and their further investment in securities, real estate, corporate law with a view to profit.

What is the corporate investment fund

Corporate Investment Fund (CIF) - it is the ISI which is created in the form of open joint stock company and operates exclusively co-investment.

Features CIF:

  1. The legal entity (Open Joint Stock Obschesto), whose assets under a contract managed by the Asset Management Company (AMC);
  2. The investor becomes a shareholder through the purchase of shares issued by the JSC.

What is a mutual investment fund

The unit investment trust (UIT) - is united by means of investors (businesses and individuals), transferred to asset management companies asset management (AMC), which on behalf and on behalf of investors of the investment fund managed by these funds.

Features PIF:

  1. Do not be a legal entity.
  2. The investor becomes a shareholder through the purchase of investment certificates issued by the AMC.

In fact, the mutual fund is an investment portfolio consisting of shares, bonds and funds itself, conventionally divided into shares. Every owner of a unit, has the same set of asset size and composition of which is determined by simply dividing the entire contents of the mutual fund by the number of shares. If the contents of the mutual fund goes up in value, then each share is also increasing in price and vice versa. Income shareholders receive when they sell their shares at a price higher than the price of their purchase.

The investment fund or a bank deposit

The problem of saving money is relevant for all, regardless of income level. Therefore, sooner or later the question arises, how to keep their savings and obtain their maximum profit.

If you were an ordinary citizen is not that extra money, but the available funds, in which he minutely does not need, it can be called a potential investor and his money - capital. But to be called a full-fledged investor, this should be a citizen of the capital somewhere to invest.

The development of the financial markets so expanded tools and ways of investing money, that the ordinary man in the street at times it becomes difficult to find out in a variety of investment alternatives. Nevertheless, the main areas of investment can be:

  • The investment of money in the bank;

The simplest thing that could make the investor is to invest money in the bank. In this case all obvious. The investor opens an account, which lists their funds. Further to its contribution to accrue interest. As for the risks, they are minimal, especially if the bank is a member of the fund to guarantee bank deposits - in this case the state guarantees the return on investment in bank assets in the amount of up to 25,000 hryvnia. Since the risk of investment in the bank is low, and the yield is not too high: about 10-15% per annum. Thus, at the current rate of inflation, bank contribution will allow the investor to slow down the melting of some of the capital as a result of price increases.

  • Self-investment in the securities market;

In search of higher returns, and you can try to invest money, looking for the most attractive securities in the financial market. But for this, and this is very important, requires high specialized skills and knowledge, which, most often, ordinary investors do not have. Short-term stock market conditions rather changeable, and often inexperienced investor difficult to navigate all the intricacies of the pricing mechanism on the market, which ultimately leads to loss of funds, sometimes quite significantly.

But the self-management has several advantages, the main of which is its own risk control, liquidity investments, as well as the ability to respond to urgent needs of the invested funds in virtually any time. From the bank, for example, to withdraw money from a term deposit without loss of accrued income, as a rule, can not be. Yield self-control depends largely on the skill level of the investor. However, still the highest yield at the optimum level of risk can be achieved when it is self-control, as the ability to take rapid decisions about the composition and structure of the portfolio and the timing of investing money only in self-management. However, in this case the investor will have to bear the cost of servicing the trading account, the conclusion of transactions, as well as access to the trading terminal. Although individually these costs are not significant: Brokers commission - 0.05%, access to trading $ 40 per month plus other expenses - in the amount of at frequent transactions can spend a tidy sum. However, when properly selected brokerage rate and high costs can be avoided. And with long-term investment costs can be substantially reduced due to the small number of operations.

  • invest in the Investment Fund;

The first investment fund in the world was founded in August 1822 in Belgium, then in 1849 - in Switzerland and in 1952 - in France. As a mass phenomenon, they began to appear in the UK and the US. Then Trusts focused on large customers and small investors had to use the services of financial brokers. Due to the increasing number of small investors, the need to create their counseling institute. Then, in 1899, formed the first investment in the United States - a consulting company; by 1910 these companies was already 10.

The appearance of the first mutual fund in the US refers to 1924, but in all countries, including the United States, investment funds are starting to steadily develop only after World War II, progressively competing with large banks and other financial institutions. Currently, more than half of American households are investors of a fund. There are more than 50,000 ISI available to international investors. The most famous family of investment funds as follows: Fidelity Investments, Vanguard Funds, T. Rowe Price, American Funds, Franklin Templeton Investments, etc.

Investment funds - a relatively new product to Ukrainian, so they treat him with caution. However, worldwide investment in the stock market is about 30% savings. Speaking about Ukraine, the main risks that investors are investment funds, in addition to professional manager, is the risk of the stock market of Ukraine. After all, if investors will collapse instead of the desired income statement. However, the stock market - a barometer of the economy. It clearly responds to the economic and political situation in the country. And our economy is growing and will continue to grow very good pace in the next 4-5 years. And our deep conviction that the growth rate of the stock market will be higher than in the economy as a whole, because in addition to the growth of economic indicators qualitatively improved corporate governance of companies that consistently affects the increase of their capitalization. We have seen this trend in Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. After 7% economic growth in Ukraine - it's average. There are lots of industries where the figures are much higher: insurance market, banking, commerce, engineering, automotive. This is all the sectors that focused on the consumer sector, driven by the constant and significant increase in real incomes of the population. Therefore, if properly invest through IFy a growing field, you can earn much more than, for example, placing them in bank deposits.

Note: Cost Invest. certificates and shares of the Fund may increase or decrease. Dynamics of changes in the cost of invest. certificates and aktsiyFondov in the past does not determine the dynamics of changes in the value of investment certificates and equity funds in the future. The Company does not guarantee the profitability of investments in mutual and corporate investitsionnyefondy. The state does not guarantee the profitability of investments in mutual funds ikorporativnye. Before you buy Invest. iliaktsii certificates, should carefully read the Rules of the Fund.

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