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Corporate clients

Creation and administration of: corporate venture and mutual venture investment funds

Asset Management Company LLC “KUA Ozon” offers corporate clients the opportunity to implement their business projects through mutual and corporate venture funds.

Investment funds for corporate clients can be useful for the following purposes:

  • optimization of organizational structure of the group
  • optimization of group financial flows
  • optimization of group tax payments
  • implementation of its own investment strategy in the stock market
  • construction of real estate
  • effective management of temporarily free funds

Advantages of venture funds:

  • Possibility to take advantage of tax privilege - operations with the fund's assets are not subject to profit tax
  • Absence of restrictions on the structure of assets - possibility to choose an individual investment strategy with the most profitable financial instruments
  • High liquidity -  a simplified procedure of a venture fund ownership rights transfer and, as a consequence, all of its assets in comparison with the sale of corporate rights procedure
  • Confidentiality - a venture fund allows you to own assets out of the public eye.

We are open to any forms of cooperation.

Management of assets of non-state pension funds

LLC “KUA Ozon” offers its services to manage the assets of non-state pension funds.

Administration of non-state pension funds

LLC “KUA Ozon” offers its services in the administration of non-state pension funds.

For agents and brokers

We invite regional dealers in securities to cooperation.

We offer you to become a regional representative in the regions of Ukraine for the sale of investment certificates of funds the assets of which are managed by LLC “KUA Ozon”:

  • UIF "Argentum"
  • UIF "Aurum"
  • UIF "Platinum"

Funds under management

Funds under management



8.50 uah.

+0 %


188 436 uah.

+0 %



428.15 uah.

+0 %


9 301 599 uah.

-799.31 %



8.94 uah.

+0 %


202 072 uah.

+0 %



4.90484 uah.

+0.04 %


19 103 816 uah.

+0.04 %

Value of indices

PFTS index


+0 %

UX іndex

1 319.58

-0.01 %

General SCHA stock

28 795 923 uah.

PIC and NAV on 27 May 2024 **

*PIC - Price Invest certificates, stocks, pension unit.

*NAV - Net Asset Value

**PIC and the NAV calculated at the end of the previous working day

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