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Non-State Pension Fund «Laurus»

Description Fund

"Lauras Non-Governmental Retirement Fund" (Fund) was established in 2007.

The founder of the Fund is the Limited Liability Company "AMC Ozon".

Administrator of the Fund
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Asset Management Company
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Bank - Custodian
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General Information about a Financial Institution
Full Name Lauras Non-Governmental Retirement Fund
Identification code of the financial institution under the EDRPOU 35234147
Location (area code for COATUU, zip code, region, district, town, District of the settlement (if any), street, house number, building number (if any), office number (apartment) (if available)) 8036100000, 03150, Kyiv, Goloseevsky district, st. Gorky, 64/16  street Fedorov Ivan, 64/16
List of financial services provided by the financial institution Non-state pension provision
Composition for the Council of the Laurus VLPF Isupov Dmitry Yuryevich, Chairman of the Board Zolotukhin Andrey Valerievich, Secretary of the Council Chernenko Sergey Nikolaevich, board member of the Board Kutsenko Irina Aleksandrovna, Board Member  Necheporenko Natalia Victorivna, Member of the Board

Portrait Laurus

Portrait - оpen non-state pension fund «Laurus»



Investment Strategy Balanced diversified
The term of the fund Is not limited
Structure of the Fund Up to 50% of the deposit up to 50% government bonds, 20% municipal bonds, and 40% Ukrainian stocks
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Fund Ratings on 27.05.2024

Unit price of pension assets, uah. 4.90484
Change the price per day,% 0.0 %
Changes in prices since the beginning of the month,% 0.0 %
Changes in prices since the beginning of the year,% 0.0 %
Changes in prices since the beginning of the placement,% 394.2 %
Number of units 3,894,890.706
NAV, UAH. 19,103,816

Dynamics of prices

Choice of fund and index:

Current year

Since the beginning of the placement

1 mon.

3 mon.

6 mon.


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Note: The unit value of a pension asset may increase and decrease. The dynamics of changes in the value of a unit of pension assets in the past does not determine the dynamics of changes in the value of a unit of pension assets in the future. The company does not guarantee the level of profitability of investments in pension funds. The state does not guarantee return on investment in pension funds. Prior to becoming a customer of the Laurus HNPF you should carefully review the rules of the fund.

Reporting Laurus

Current Patent otchet fund activities at Laurus Manuscript by 2024

Dynamics Index UX the Fund
Month -7.6% 0.0%
With the beginning of the year -25.3% 0.0%
Since the beginning of operations -55.3% 394.2%
Risk Indicators (with 03.01.2008) Index UX the Fund
The annual standard deviation 46.96% 19.45%
Beta 0.03
correlation coefficient 8.14%

Portfolio by Asset Classes

Portfolio of shares by industry

Brief overview of events

All statements

30 april 2024 y.

31 march 2024 y.

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Bank details for the payment of pension contributions

To: ONPF "Laurus»

USREOU code: 35234147

IBAN: UA733808050000000000265051913

P №265051913 with JSC "Raiffeisen Bank Aval»

Purpose of payment:

«Pension contribution on IPR 35234147- № (tax number client)

acc. PC № 01/0000 ___ from "__" ___________ 20__. »

Fonds in Management

Fonds in Management



8.50 uah.

+0 %


188 436 uah.

+0 %



428.15 uah.

+0 %


9 301 599 uah.

-799.31 %



8.94 uah.

+0 %


202 072 uah.

+0 %



4.90484 uah.

+0.04 %


19 103 816 uah.

+0.04 %

Value of indices

PFTS index


+0 %

UX іndex

1 319.58

-0.01 %

General SCHA stock

28 795 923 uah.

PIC and NAV on 27 May 2024 **

*PIC - Price Invest certificates, stocks, pension unit.

*NAV - Net Asset Value

**PIC and the NAV calculated at the end of the previous working day

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